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Daily Archives: October 25, 2016

Nevada Poll: Clinton up 4 Points over Trump

According to the latest Nevada poll, Hillary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump by 4 points. The Hill reports: The poll from KTNV and right-leaning Rasmussen found that Clinton leads Trump, 46 to 42 percent. Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson takes … Read More

Giuliani: I See Clinton in ‘an Orange Jumpsuit’

Rudy Giuliani said on Tuesday that when he looks at Hillary Clinton, he sees her “in an orange jumpsuit.” “I was U.S. attorney and assistant to the U.S. attorney for too many years to laugh at Mrs. Clinton,” Giuliani told 1210 … Read More

Trump Rally Roars at Media in Tampa

A Donald Trump rally in Tampa Bay, Florida, turned violent on Monday after Trump riled up the crowd and encouraged that they take their frustration out on the media. The Hill reports: Fanning out his fingers from his forehead and … Read More

Glenn Beck: Trump Is a ‘Sociopath’

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck called out Donald Trump on Monday, calling him a “sociopath.” “Have you seen him during the last year and a half truly feel for someone that couldn’t help him? Truly connect on a human level, … Read More

Poll: Trump up 23 on Clinton in Ark.

According to the latest Arkansas poll, Hillary Clinton is trailing Donald Trump by 23 points in the state. The Hill reports: Trump tops Clinton 56 to 33 percent in the Talk Business & Politics/Hendrix College survey. Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson … Read More

Hispanic Crowd Boos Marco Rubio off Stage

Sen. Marco Rubio got booed off a stage in Orlando on Sunday by a crowd of Hispanic people. The Hill reports: The jeering got louder as the Cuban-American senator, seeking reelection after dropping his presidential bid earlier this year, was … Read More

Sanders Warns Clinton: Don’t Rush to Compromise with GOP

Bernie Sanders cautioned Hillary Clinton on Tuesday not to compromise with the GOP when she becomes president. “It’s not good enough for me, or anybody, to say, ‘Well, look, Republicans control the House: From Day One, we’re going to have … Read More

Actor Ethan Hawke Slams Trump’s ‘Fascist Behavior’

Actor Ethan Hawke tore into Donald Trump on Monday for his “fascist” behavior. “You don’t need a daughter to be offended by what guy says,” he told The Daily Beast in an interview published Monday. “When you see a man, … Read More

Trump Slams ObamaCare After Premium Hikes Announced

Donald Trump slammed ObamaCare on Monday after it was announced that premiums would spike by next year. “In case you haven’t heard today’s news, it’s just been announced that Americans are going to experience yet another double-digit spike in your … Read More

Trump Seizes on Clinton-Duck Allegations

Earlier this week, Donald Trump pushed forward with allegations that Hillary Clinton sent an undercover protester dressed as Donald Duck to protest him on the campaign trail. 'Democratic operative caught on camera: Hillary PERSONALLY ordered 'Donald Duck' troll campaign that … Read More