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Daily Archives: October 30, 2016

Obama Hangs out with Aerosmith Singer on Air Force One

President Obama spent some time with the members of Aerosmith on Air Force One on Friday. The Hill reports: President Obama on Friday invited Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler to spend time with him aboard Air Force One in Florida, according … Read More

Trump: Justice Dept. Trying to ‘Protect’ Clinton

Due to the Justice Department’s stance against the re-opened investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails by the FBI, Donald Trump believes the Department is trying to “protect” her. The Hill reports: Donald Trump on Saturday ripped the Justice Department over reports … Read More

Biden: Not Running for President Was Solely About Son’s Death

Joe Biden came out and stated the reason he chose not to run for the Presidency this year: his son’s death. The Hill reports: Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday dismissed the idea that Hillary Clinton’s struggles make him wish … Read More

Matt Schlapp: Comey’s Redemption May Cost Crooked Hillary the White House

Chairman of the American conservative Union and CPAC Matt Schlapp believes that Hillary Clinton may not become President due to the FBI’s new investigation into her emails. The Hill reports: James Comey just became the most important participant in the … Read More

Why Donald Trump Doesn’t Deserve Even One Vote

Clark University Professor Jude Fernando believes that Donald Trump is not qualified to assume the Presidency. The Hill reports: Donald Trump is professionally unqualified and psychologically unstable and too unpredictable to be the president. Enabling Donald Trump to win the … Read More

Justice Dept. Warned FBI Against Letter on Clinton Emails

It has been revealed that the Justice Department did not want the FBI to re-open an investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails, due to “the policy to avoid wading into presidential elections.” The Hill reports: FBI Director James Comey went against … Read More