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Daily Archives: November 2, 2016

Trump Calls on Early Clinton Voters to Change Their Ballots

Donald Trump called on early voters who voted for Hillary Clinton to change their vote as they would suffer “buyer’s remorse.” The Hill reports:  It’s a little-known fact that certain states allow for absentee voters to change their minds after … Read More

David Frum: I Voted for Clinton

Conservative author David Frum announced on Wednesday that he had officially voted for Hillary Clinton. “To vote for Trump as a protest against Clinton’s faults would be like amputating a leg because of a sliver in the toe; cutting one’s … Read More

Comedian Louis C.K. Backs Clinton

Comedian Louis C.K. officially endorsed Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, calling her a “really talented” and “super smart” candidate. “I think she’s great. … I would take her over anybody,” he said on TBS’s “Conan.” “To me, it’s really exciting to … Read More

Jon Stewart Tears into Trump at NY Event

Jon Stewart tore into Donald Trump earlier this week, calling out the billionaire for everything that he is. The Hill reports: The former “Daily Show” host repeatedly mocked the Republican presidential nominee at a Tuesday event, specifically scoffing at his … Read More

Cuban: ‘I’d Rather Lose Every Penny Than Have Trump as President’

Mark Cuban said on Wednesday that he would rather lose every penny than live under a Donald Trump presidency. “When it’s all said and done, I’d rather lose every penny than have Trump as president, because I care more about … Read More

Sanders: ‘Damn Right’ We Have to Stop ND Pipeline

Bernie Sanders said on Tuesday that Americans had to protest the North Dakota pipeline at all costs. The Hill reports: While talking about bringing people together, a member of the crowd shouted “stop the Dakota pipeline!” “Damn right,” Sanders quickly … Read More

KKK Paper Embraces Trump in Front-Page Article

A popular Ku Klux Klan newspaper officially endorsed Donald Trump in their recent edition. "The Crusader" is the official newspaper of the KKK. #MAGA #DonaldTrump pic.twitter.com/mBTvLOFU9u — Billy Gee (@billygee12) November 1, 2016 The Hill reports: In the article in … Read More

Sean Hannity Apologizes for Using Fake News Story to Attack Obama

Sean Hannity apologized on Tuesday for referencing a fake news report about Michelle Obama. Correction. Live on radio I read a gateway pundit report that @MichelleObama had deleted mentions of HRC. And a listener said BHO and… — Sean Hannity … Read More

Florida Poll: 28 Percent of GOP Early Voters Picked Clinton

According to a new poll, 28 percent of GOP early voters say they voted for Hillary Clinton. 28% of Florida early voting Republicans have voted for @HillaryClinton — Lawrence O'Donnell (@Lawrence) November 2, 2016 The Hill reports: A TargetSmart/William & … Read More

Libertarian VP Candidate: I’m ‘Vouching’ for Clinton

Bill Weld, the Libertarian Party’s vice presidential candidate, said on Tuesday that he’s “vouching” for Hillary Clinton. Weld on Clinton: "I’m here vouching for Mrs. Clinton and I think it’s high time somebody did." https://t.co/Tt5Ig83EOp — Maddow Blog (@MaddowBlog) November … Read More