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Daily Archives: November 7, 2016

Ted Nugent Gropes Himself While Speaking at Trump Rally

Ted Nugent made a vulgar joke at a Trump rally, which was not well received by the audience and Twitter. The Hill reports: Ted Nugent groped himself while opening a Donald Trump rally in Michigan on Sunday. “I’ve got your … Read More

Nearly All New Clinton Emails Were Duplicates: Report

According to NBC News, almost all of the emails discovered by the FBI on Anthony Weiner’s computer were duplicates. The Hill reports: Nearly all of the newly discovered emails reviewed by the FBI in connection with the bureau’s investigation into … Read More

Ryan: Clinton ‘Put Our Nation’s Secrets at Risk’

Paul Ryan believes that Hillary clinton has endangered America by being careless with her emails. Ryan urges the American people to vote for Donald Trump as a result. The Hill reports: Speaker Paul Ryan on Sunday slammed Hillary Clinton for … Read More

Clinton Aide: WikiLeaks Release in Coming Days ‘Probably Fake’

The Clinton campaign is warning the American people that Wikileaks may be falsifying information regarding the election. The Hill reports: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, said Sunday that any “whopper” dropped by WikiLeaks in the final … Read More

Lady Gaga Calls out Melania Trump for ‘Hypocrisy’

Lady Gaga called out Melania Trump for Donald Trump’s notoriously controversial comments, calling Melania a “hypocrite.” The Hill reports: Lady Gaga on Sunday slammed Melania Trump, after she said during a speech last week that combating cyberbullying would be a … Read More

Gingrich: Comey Caved to Political Pressure

New Gingrich has suggested that the FBI has dropped the second investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails because they were pressured to do so. The Hill reports: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who backs GOP nominee Donald Trump for president, said … Read More

Final Newspaper Endorsement Count: Clinton 57, Trump 2

Hillary Clinton received the most endorsements by newspapers of any presidential candidate in this election. Donald Trump received two. The Hill reports: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has received fewer endorsements from the nation’s largest newspaper editorial boards than any … Read More

Sanders Warns of Trump Presidency in Get out the Vote Push

Politicians are pushing a final message to the American people to vote if they have not done so already. The Hill reports: Sen. Bernie Sanders is making a plea for voters to head to the polls to prevent a Donald … Read More

Nate Silver: Clinton One State Away from Losing Electoral College

According to Nate Silver, Hillary Clinton could lose the Electoral College and, therefore, the Presidency. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton is one state away from losing the presidential election, FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver said Sunday. While the Democratic presidential nominee has … Read More

Trump Has Made Almost 500 False Claims in Last 7 Weeks: Report

According to the Toronto Star, Donald Trump has fibbed 494 times to the public since September 15th. The Hill reports: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has made almost 500 false claims since Sept. 15, according to a fact-check by the … Read More