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Daily Archives: November 12, 2016

Trump ‘Hasn’t Given a Lot of Thought’ to Jailing Clinton

Donald Trump has more pressing issues to focus on right now than jailing Hillary Clinton, according to a recent interview he gave to the Wall Street Journal. The Hill reports: President-elect Donald Trump says he hasn’t considered jailing Hillary Clinton … Read More

NY Times Calls on Trump to Denounce Hateful Attacks

According to the New York Times, Donald Trump should denounce the recent violence directed against minorities, stating that Trump will be viewed as a racist if he does not. The Hill reports: The New York Times on Thursday called for … Read More

Historian Who Predicted Trump’s Win Says He’ll Be Impeached

Allan Lichtman, a professor who predicted Donald Trump’s win, believes that Trump will be impeached. This prediction, however, is based on his intuition, not his models. The Hill reports: A political historian and professor who predicted that Donald Trump would … Read More

Pence Takes Lead as Trump Reshapes Transition Team

Vice-President-Elect Mike Pence will be leading the transition team as the Trump administration gets ready to enter the White House in January. The Hill reports: President-Elect Donald Trump is reshaping his transition team, elevating Vice President-elect Mike Pence to lead … Read More

Obama Admin: No Decision yet on Controversial Oil Pipeline

President Obama has still not made a final decision on installing an oil pipeline in North and South Dakota. The Hill reports: The Obama administration on Friday denied a report that it had decided to give final approval to the … Read More

Michael Moore: Trump Won’t Finish His First Term

Michael Moore does not believe that Donald Trump will finish his first term, because Trump is a huge narcissist. The Hill reports: Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who correctly forecast the election of Donald Trump, predicted Friday that he will either … Read More