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Daily Archives: November 13, 2016

Clinton Approached by People ‘Scared’ After Election

Hillary Clinton thanked her campaign team after a hard fought election season last Friday. The Hill reports: In a speech thanking her staff Friday night, Hillary Clinton said she has spoken to Americans who feel “scared” in the wake of Donald … Read More

Clinton Blames Loss on FBI Director’s Letter

Hillary Clinton believes that James Comey cost her the election, based on the FBI’s ongoing investigation into her activities. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton blamed her electoral defeat on FBI Director James Comey in a call with her top donors … Read More

Conservatives Forget History in Discrediting Trump Protesters

Four days after Donald Trump won the Presidency, anti-Trump protests continue in cities and countries around the world. The Hill reports: Today, thousands of people assembled in streets around the world to protest the presidency of Donald J. Trump for … Read More

Trump Considering Ways to Quickly Exit Paris Agreement: Report

Donald Trump may want America to exit the Pais Agreement, because President Obama did not consult with the Senate before entering the accord. The Hill reports: Donald Trump is apparently already eyeing ways for the U.S. to pull out of … Read More

Seething Liberals Vow Revolution in Democratic Party

Due to Donald Trump winning the election, the Democratic Party may be fracturing and may end as we know it. The Hill reports: The Republican civil war was supposed to start this week. Instead, a ferocious struggle has erupted on … Read More

Trump Wants to Split Time Between DC and NY: Report

Donald Trump has not even been sworn in as President yet and he wants to change his Presidential schedule over the next four years. The Hill reports: President-elect Donald Trump is reluctant to move into the White House full-time, the … Read More