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Daily Archives: November 14, 2016

Ellison Pushes to Become next DNC Chair

Rep. Keith Ellison announced on Monday that he will run for chair of the Democratic National Committee. The Hill reports: The Minnesota Democrat is already working to establish himself as the progressive choice for the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) reckoning … Read More

Sanders: Breitbart Exec in White House Should Make People ‘Nervous’

Bernie Sanders said on Monday that Americans have the right to be “nervous” about the fact that Donald Trump promoted a known racist as his chief strategist. The Hill reports: Sanders criticized Trump’s decision to elevate Steve Bannon to his White … Read More

Two Presidential Electors to Colleagues: Dump Trump

Two Democratic members of the Electoral College have called on their colleagues to drop President-Elect Donald Trump. The Hill reports: Washington’s Bret Chiafolo and Colorado’s Michael Baca hope at least 37 of their GOP colleagues will abandon Trump and force … Read More

CBS News Under Fire for Holding Clip of Trump Telling Supporters Not to Attack Minorities

CBS came under fire on Sunday after it showed a clip of Donald Trump calling for his supporters to stop attacking minorities. "Stop it" Donald Trump says to any of his supporters who may be involved in threatening behavior https://t.co/PGBVkXyvcE … Read More

Pence Going to Court to Keep Email Secret

Vice President-elect Mike Pence is set to go to court in order to keep an email private that he sent while serving as Indiana’s governor. The Hill reports: The email was sent between Pence’s administration and a private law firm … Read More

Glenn Beck: Bannon Has ‘Clear Tie’ to White Nationalism

Conservative critic Glenn Beck criticized President-elect Donald Trump on Monday for placing Stephen Bannon, a known white supremacist, in his administration. “You know, if people really want to in the press would like to call Donald Trump a racist, you might … Read More

Sanders: U.S. Should ‘Rethink’ Electoral College

Sen. Bernie Sanders said on Monday that it is time for Americans to “rethink” the Electoral College system. “We may want to take a look at the whole Electoral College, which is seating a man for president who didn’t get … Read More

McMullin Slams Bannon Appointment

Evan McMullin, an independent candidate who ran for president this year, slammed Donald Trump on Monday for appointing Steven Bannon as his chief strategist. “Saying ‘stop it’ to racist attacks means little when you name white supremacist darling Steve Bannon … Read More

KKK, American Nazi Party Praise Trump’s Hiring of Bannon

The KKK and other white supremacists praised Donald Trump for hiring Breitbart executive Steven Bannon. “Perhaps The Donald is for real,” Rocky Suhayda, chairman of the American Nazi Party, told CNN in an segment that included interviews with several white … Read More

Trump: ‘I’ll Take $1 a Year’ as President

Donald Trump promised on Sunday that he will only take $1 a year as his presidential salary. Donald Trump says he will not take a salary as president https://t.co/f2DG9RTH6J pic.twitter.com/Cl8bUzYZyj — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) November 14, 2016 The Hill reports: … Read More