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Daily Archives: November 15, 2016

Trump Mulling Woman, Gay Man for Leadership Roles

President-elect Donald Trump is considering placing a woman and a gay man in separate leadership posts within his administration, states a new report. The Hill reports: Trump’s potential picks would add diversity to his appointments. He’ll need to name a … Read More

Protesters Block Schumer’s Office, Call for New Leadership

Protesters blocked Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office on Monday, protesting for new Senate leadership. The Hill reports: The arrested protesters were from a group of roughly 40 people urging Schumer to step aside and hand the party’s leadership to either Sens. … Read More

Breitbart News Planning Lawsuit Against ‘Major Media Company’

Breitbart News is preparing to sue a “major media company” after it was called a white nationalist website by the anonymous company. The Hill reports: The website has been under intense scrutiny since President-elect Donald Trump named Stephen Bannon as … Read More

Clinton to Make First Post-Election Public Appearance Wednesday

Hillary Clinton is set to make her first post-election appearance on Wednesday. The Hill reports: A Clinton aide confirms that the former secretary of State will attend an awards ceremony in D.C. where she is being honored by the Children’s … Read More

Obama’s Job Approval Hits Four-Year High

With President Barack Obama set to leave office soon, his approval rating has hit new highs for his second term, reaching an impressive 57 percent. The Hill reports: The previous poll, conducted in the first week of November, found his … Read More

Cook: Clinton Passes 1M in Popular Vote Lead

The latest reports by Cook Political Report have revealed that Hillary Clinton has now surpassed President-elect Donald Trump by 1 million votes when it comes to the popular vote. The Hill reports: Clinton leads Trump in the popular vote, 61,694,263 … Read More

Report: Giuliani Favorite to Be Secretary of State

According to the latest reports, Rudy Giuliani is a favorite to become the next Secretary of State. The Hill reports: A senior Trump official told the AP the job is Giuliani’s if he wants it. Giuliani was a top Trump … Read More

Schumer Under Pressure to Add Sanders to Leadership Team

Sen. Charles Schumer is under fire and being encouraged to back Sen. Bernie Sanders as the chairman of the Democratic Policy and Communications Center, a position that can greatly influence the party’s message and floor strategy. The Hill reports: The … Read More

More Than Half of Protesters Arrested in Portland Didn’t Vote: Report

A new report has revealed that 69 of the 112 people arrested in Portland, Oregon for protesting didn’t vote. The Hill reports: According to the records analyzed by KGW, 69 of the arrestees either were not registered to vote in … Read More

Dem Introducing Bill to Abolish Electoral College

Sen. Barbara Boxer is set to introduce a new bill that will try and get rid of the Electoral College. “In my lifetime, I have seen two elections where the winner of the general election did not win the popular … Read More