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Daily Archives: December 1, 2016

Obama: Marijuana Should Be Treated Like ‘Cigarettes or Alcohol’

President Obama wants to reopen the debate on marijuana, believing it is no different than other legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco. The Hill reports: President Obama says marijuana should be treated the same way as “cigarettes or alcohol.” “Look, … Read More

Ivanka Trump Wants to Speak out on Climate Change: Report

Unlike her father, Ivanka Trump believes in climate change and wants to make it a major priority of Donald Trump’s term in office. The Hill reports: Ivanka Trump wants to make fighting climate change one of her signature issues as … Read More

Sanders: Carrier Took Trump Hostage and Won

Bernie Sanders believes that Donald Trump was duped by Carrier, as Sanders believes Carrier should have paid a tax for sending jobs to Mexico, rather than receiving a tax cut for keeping jobs in Indiana. The Hill reports: President-elect Donald Trump … Read More

Rainbow Flags Fly in Pence’s DC Neighborhood

While staying in a rented home in Washington, a few of Vice President-Elect Mike Pence’s neighbors, are hanging LGBT flags to protest his views on their community. The Hill reports: Mike Pence’s new D.C. neighbors are flying rainbow flags to … Read More