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Daily Archives: December 13, 2016

Trump Selects Goldman Sachs President as Top Economic Adviser

President-elect Donald Trump selected Goldman Sachs executive Gary Cohn to be the director of his National Economic Council (NEC) on Monday. The Hill reports: “As my top economic advisor, Gary Cohn is going to put his talents as a highly … Read More

House Intel Chair Rejects Call for New Russia Probe

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes refused bipartisan calls for a new probe into Russia’s alleged election interference. The Hill reports: In a Monday statement, Nunes argued that new probes “would duplicate” his committee’s efforts and pointed to its “vigorous … Read More

Clinton Camp Supports Intel Briefing Ahead of Electoral College Vote

Hillary Clinton’s campaign team is supporting calls for an intelligence briefing on President-elect Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia to be provided to members of the Electoral College ahead of the upcoming vote on Dec. 19. The Hill reports: Clinton’s top political … Read More

NYT’s Krugman: Election Result ‘Illegitimate’ and ‘Tainted’

The New York Time’s Paul Krugman criticized President-election Donald Trump and his election win on Monday, calling it “illegitimate” and “tainted” due to the alleged Russian interference. The Hill reports: “So this was a tainted election,” Krugman, also an economics professor at … Read More

Former CIA Chief: Russia’s Hacking ‘Political Equivalent of 9/11’

Former CIA Director Michael Morrell called Russia’s election interference “the political equivalent” of 9/11. “It is an attack on our very democracy. It’s an attack on who we are as a people. A foreign government messing around in our elections is, I … Read More

NYC Mayor: Sanders’s Economic Message ‘Would Have Won the Election’

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday that Sen. Bernie Sander’s economic message would have won the election for the Democrats. The Hill reports: “I think the message would have won the election,” de Blasio told ABC News’ … Read More

Wisconsin Recount Confirms Trump’s Win

Wisconsin completed its recount on Monday and found that Donald Trump still won the state. The Hill reports: The Associated Press reported Monday afternoon that Trump actually picked up 162 additional votes, keeping his margin of victory around 22,000 over … Read More

WH: No Doubt Trump Benefitted from Russian Hacking

President Barack Obama’s spokesperson slammed President-elect Donald Trump on Monday after he accused him of working with the Russians. [email protected]: You don't "need a security clearance to figure out who benefited from malicious Russian cyber activity." https://t.co/6oVIntSOrR pic.twitter.com/t95bwXccCH — ABC … Read More

Congressional Benghazi Panel Disbands After Issuing Final Report

The Congressional panel tasked with investigating the Benghazi scandal issued their final report this week and formally disbanded. The Hill reports: The final report was added to the House record on Dec. 7 at a whopping 322,000 words. The panel, … Read More

Roger Stone: Trump Interviewed Romney to ‘Torture’ Him

Donald Trump surrogate Roger Stone claimed that Trump interviewed Mitt Romney for the secretary of state position just to “torture him.” The Hill reports: In an appearance on InfoWars Sunday, Stone said Trump had been toying with Romney. “Donald Trump … Read More