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Daily Archives: December 19, 2016

Filipino President: Trump Has a Mouth Like Mine

Rodrigo Duterte is willing to work with Donald Trump as long as they have a mutually beneficial relationship for America and the Philippines. The Hill reports: Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte this weekend compared himself to Donald Trump, offering praise for … Read More

Kerry Praises Trump’s ‘Thoughtful’ Cabinet Picks

John Kerry believes that Donald Trump made some good nominations for his administration, although he will not say whether these individual will be nominated or not. The Hill reports: Secretary of State John Kerry says in a new interview that … Read More

Trump Tweets: My Supporters Would Be ‘Scorned’ for Questioning Election

Donald Trump believes that Hillary Clinton’s supporters are being violent. The Hill reports: Donald Trump took aim at Hillary Clinton supporters Sunday for what he described as threatening behavior. “If my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who … Read More

Report: Despite Trump Claims, Almost No Voter Fraud Found in Election

The New York Times has observed that, regardless of Donald Trump’s claims that millions of illegal immigrants voted for Hillary Clinton, only one case of voter fraud was found. The Hill reports: Although President-elect Donald Trump has alleged that millions … Read More

Bill Clinton: Comey ‘Cost’ My Wife the Election

Bill Clinton believes that if James Comey had not interfered with the election, Hillary would have won. The Hill reports: Former President Bill Clinton is blaming his wife’s loss in the presidential election on FBI Director James Comey. “James Comey … Read More

Obama: I Want to Develop ‘Whole New Generation of Talent’

After leaving the White House, President Obama hopes to raise future leaders in issues like climate change, wage reform, and other issues. The Hill reports: President Obama said in an interview broadcast Monday that he wants to build up the … Read More

Maine Elector Says He Is Voting for Sanders

Since he believes that Hillary Clinton will not be President, Democratic Electoral College member David Bright will be using his vote as a statement and voting for Bernie Sanders. The Hill reports: A Maine elector is planning to vote for … Read More

California Lawmakers Join Effort to Force Trump to Release Taxes

Donald Trump may be required to release his tax returns if he wants to run again in 2020. The Hill reports: California lawmakers are joining an effort started by New York state Democrats to force President-elect Donald Trump to release … Read More

Trump Picks Billionaire NHL Owner to Lead Army

Donald Trump has nominated Vincent Viola for his Secretary of the Army. Viola has had a formidable career in both the military and in business. The Hill reports: President-elect Donald Trump will nominate former infantry officer, billionaire businessman and National … Read More

Poll: Plurality of Americans Prefers Popular Vote Over Electoral College

Depending on their political affiliations, respondents polled about the relevancy of the Electoral College either believe it should be replaced with the popular vote, or stay the way it currently is. The Hill reports: A plurality of American voters in … Read More