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Daily Archives: December 21, 2016

Poll: Majority Uncertain, Pessimistic About Trump

A new poll has revealed that the majority of voters are uncertain and pessimistic about President-elect Donald Trump. The Hill reports: A combined 54 percent said they were either uncertain or pessimistic about the Trump administration in the NBC News/Wall … Read More

Ex-Clinton Spokesman: Warrant Shows Comey’s Moves ‘Utterly Unjustified’

An ex-Hillary Clinton spokesman slammed FBI director James Comey on Tuesday for influencing the election with his unprecedented announcement to reopen the email investigation. The Hill reports: The document showed that “[FBI Director James] Comey’s intrusion on the election was … Read More

Poll: Just One-Third Say Russia Influenced Election

A new poll has revealed that only one-third of Americans believe Russia influenced the election. The Hill reports: Thirty-two percent said Russia influenced the election’s results, while 44 percent said it didn’t, and 24 percent said they were unsure or … Read More

Poll: Trump Voters More Supportive of Federal Spending Than Other Conservatives

A new poll has revealed that a large portion of Donald Trump supporters are more receptive to government growth and spending than traditional conservatives. The Hill reports: According to a new Glover Park Group (GPG) poll conducted by Morning Consult, … Read More

Pentagon Memo on Trump’s Priorities Doesn’t Mention Russia: Report

According to a Pentagon memo outlining President-elect Donald Trump’s defense priorities, Russian President Vladimir Putin wasn’t mentioned once. The Hill reports: The absence of Russia as a top priority would be a departure from military officers’ warnings that the country … Read More

Samantha Bee, Glenn Beck Team up to Fight ‘Trumpism’

Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck teamed up on Monday night to deliver a hilarious skit against “Trumpism.” The Hill reports: During Monday’s episode of TBS’s “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” Bee spoke with the conservative commentator about the current political … Read More

Potential 2020 Contenders Booker and Warren Tapped for Key National Security Posts

Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer announced on Tuesday that Sens. Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren will be assigned key national security posts in the next Congress. The Hill reports: Schumer has tapped Booker to serve on the Senate Foreign Relations … Read More

SC Lawmakers Eye Measure to Block Pornography on New Computers

Lawmakers in South Carolina are trying to pass a new law that would ban pornography on all new personal computers. The Hill reports: The bill would require manufacturers and sellers of computers and internet-capable devices to install a software that … Read More

NY Times Calls for End to Electoral College

The New York Times called for an end to the Electoral College on Monday. The Hill reports: Americans would prefer by overwhelming majorities to elect a president using a popular vote system, the newspaper’s editorial board said in a piece published Monday. … Read More

Clinton Beats Trump by Nearly 3M in Popular Vote

Donald Trump was voted in by the Electoral College on Monday, despite losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million. All 50 states + DC now certified: Clinton: 65,844,610 (48.2%)Trump: 62,979,636 (46.1%)Others: 7,804,213 (5.7%)https://t.co/j58GaxfPmH — Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) December 20, … Read More