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Daily Archives: January 21, 2017

Trump Puts Churchill Bust Back in the Oval Office

As one of his first acts as President, Donald Trump has returned a bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office. The Hill reports: President Trump has reinstalled a bust of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the Oval … Read More

Hillary Gives Bernie Cool Reception at Trump Inaugural Lunch

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders spoke for a short while during the inauguration lunch for Donald Trump. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton gave her 2016 campaign rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the cold shoulder at a posh lunch held in … Read More

Obama Returns to Personal Twitter: ‘Is This Thing Still On?’

Barack Obama will be tweeting from his personal Twitter account from now on, not that he no longer controls the POTUS account. The Hill reports: Barack Obama on Friday afternoon officially marked his transition from president back to private citizen … Read More

Trump Has Not yet Resigned from His Companies: Report

Donald Trump is still formally involved in his business empire, since the paperwork required to end his involvement has not been received yet by the government in several states. The Hill reports: President Trump has not yet formally resigned from … Read More

Hillary Clinton Holds Head High as Trump Takes Office

Although she lost the presidential election, Hillary Clinton was in attendance to see Donald Trump sworn in as America’s 45th President. The Hill reports: Hillary Clinton kept a stiff upper lip Friday as Donald Trump took the oath of office … Read More

White House Climate Change Webpage Disappears After Trump’s Inauguration

After Donald Trump’s inauguration, the White House website’s pages were altered and removed. The Hill reports: Less than an hour after President Trump took the oath of office on Friday, the White House’s webpage on climate change disappeared from the … Read More