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It’s Now (Finally) Okay to Have Gay Sex In Alabama

It has now been over ten years since the United States Supreme court in Lawrence v. Texas declared unconstitutional the anti-sodomy laws which criminalize consensual homosexual activity. Two states – Virginia and Montana – have recently repealed their anti-sodomy laws, … Read More

Graduating College Students Don Red Tape to Remind Everyone that Rape is Still an Issue in American Colleges

Sexual assault and rape is a serious issue in American colleges, and many college students across the country are determined to bring awareness to this fact. At Stanford University, hundreds of students attended their commencement ceremonies donning red tape over … Read More

Iraq Warmongerers Continue to Defend Iraqi Invasion/Occupation, Says It’s to “Liberate Iraq”

Iraq is a trending topic in the headlines once again, and as before, all the pundits are more than eager to say their piece, and then some. Many of the voices are familiar ones – politicians like John McCain, Paul … Read More

NY Post Cover of Monica Lewinsky’s Is Just Unprofessional

NY Post is rarely the paragon of journalistic elegance and integrity, but their latest cover regarding Monica Lewinsky’s personal reflections is just unprofessional, if not bizarre. It’s bizarre because Lewinsky’s account can’t just be summed up as “[her] life sucks!” … Read More

Boycott Benghazi Investigation Committee?

As Obamacare is becoming more and more popular, even amongst some conservative politicians, GOP and Fox News has instead re-focused their attention towards politicizing Benghazi. The Republicans in the House of Representatives are eager to form a Benghazi Investigation Committee. … Read More

Botched Execution Due to Black Market

What happened to Clayton Lockett – a 36-year-old Oklahoma inmate – was horrific, but unfortunately, not unusual. Considering the history of how the death penalty executions has been conducted in United States, that Lockett was forced to undergo 43 minutes … Read More

Tennessee Women Face 15 Years Prison For Stillborn Babies

Recent legislation in Tennessee that can criminalize pregnancy outcomes will take effect beginning in July 1. Gov. Bill Haslam signed the legislation last Tuesday with the statement that “The intent of this bill is to give law enforcement and district attorneys … Read More

David Pakman: “You Don’t have to Worry About This[Drone Warfare], Unless You’re Alive”

  David Pakman on his show talked about the implications of the new ruling by the federal appeals court on United States’ secrecy in use of drones in particular situations. These particular situations involve circumstances when drones are used to … Read More

This Police Chief Got Fired for Being Gay, and She’s Not an Exception

In 2012 I used to be a political canvasser for the non-profit organization Human Rights Campaign.I would give out the fact that in 29 states in America, it was legal for someone to be fired from their job simply for … Read More

America’s (Potentially) Next Bush is Different, but What Would That Mean?

I remember that for the longest time, my mother had a hard time pronouncing the word “Bush.” I corrected her again and again but her pronunciation of the word was anything but “Bush,” ranging from “Bus” to “Boos” to “Bosh.” … Read More