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Chris Christie Believes Scandal Won’t Affect His 2016 Presidential Run

New Jersey Governor Christ Christie was extremely confident in an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer that the traffic scandal which has marred his administration will not affect any of his future political plans, even a potential run in 2016 for … Read More

Supreme Court Makes Decision About Domestic Violence

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court issued a broad interpretation of a federal law that makes it a crime for people convicted of domestic violence to be in possession of guns. The court did not consider an argument made based on … Read More

John Boehner blasts Extension of Obamacare Sign-up Deadline

Speaker of the House John Boehner publicly criticized the White House for again delaying the Obamacare deadline. He feels that the current president is trying to extend the sign-up period so it will beef up his numbers and make Obamacare … Read More

John Boehner Rejects Unemployment Insurance Proposal

Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner has come under fire recently for trash talking the Senate’s bipartisan unemployment insurance proposal because he received a report from state officials saying that it was not feasible and was unworkable. He … Read More

Mitch McConnell Berates Obamacare

The Senate Republican leader from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell wrote an opinion piece for CNN.com where he lambasted President Obama’s Obamacare law. The president pledged that Americans could keep their current coverage plans and that healthcare coverage would be stronger and … Read More

Romney Slams Obama over Russian Foreign Policy

Mitt Romney gave an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday where he said that President Obama has been naïve in his dealings with Russia. He said that Obama has shown “faulty judgment” about Russia’s intentions and could have … Read More

Senator Ted Cruz: “The Biggest Lie in Politics”

Republican Senator Ted Cruz has been making waves this week for his oft used quote during his speech in Mason City, Iowa on March 18th. He was quoted as saying that “the single biggest lie in politics” is that Republicans … Read More

Tea Party: Fighting to Stay Relevant

It’s official. The Tea Party is starting to lose its luster. Polls are showing that Milton Wolf and Matt Bevin, backed by the Senate Conservatives Fund and Madison Project, are set to lose by high double digits to Senator Pat … Read More

Bernie Madoff: Bashes President Obama and Hilary Clinton

In an interview in Butler, North Carolina with Politico.com where he is currently serving a 150+ year sentence for massive insecurities and investment fraud, Bernie Madoff decided to voice his views about the current President Barack Obama and potential President … Read More