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Jonathan Gruber Calls American Voters “Too Stupid” To Understand Obamacare

Oops, sorry, and double oops. Shortly following an apology for comments from a recently released clip in which he attributed the passing of the Affordable Care Act to “the stupidity of the American voter,” Jonathan Gruber, MIT professor and key architect … Read More

Scott Walker Suggests Presidential Run, Calls Hillary Midterm Elections’ “Big Loser”

The GOP’s victory high is still running strong. One of the many Republican winners in last week’s midterm elections, the newly reelected Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, subtly aimed at a potential presidential run on Sunday’s edition of NBC’s “Meet … Read More

Boehner, McConnell Vow to Come After Obamacare with GOP-Controlled Congress

In a chest-pump of victory following the taking of the Senate in the midterm elections, House Speaker John Boehner and soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced their battle plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act in an op-ed penned … Read More

Three More States Legalize Marijuana; Spoilers: None of Them Florida

Even if these midterm elections did bring shame and defeat to a pro-marijuana Democratic party, a light still shines strong in Alaska, Oregon and Washington, D.C., where the pipe-dream of legalization has become a reality. Those three states have voted … Read More

#HillarysLosers: Rand Paul Trolls Hillary for Dems’ Defeat

Rand Paul, Kentucky senator and now professional Twitter troll, goaded Hillary Clinton after many of the candidates she endorsed lost in the recent midterm elections. In a move that sets the stage for 2016 presidential election rivalries, the Kentucky senator … Read More

Obama: Marijuana “No More Dangerous Than Alcohol”

President Obama spoke tentatively in favor of marijuana legalization, admitting that it’s no more harmful than booze and adding it’s even less harmful “in terms of its impact on the individual consumer.” “As has been well documented, I smoked pot … Read More

Chris Christie Addresses Bridge Scandal: “I Am Ultimately Responsible”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie claimed responsibility for any “good and bad” caused by his administration during his State of the State address and vowed to “cooperate with all appropriate inquiries” regarding controversy over accusations about a possible political vendetta. … Read More

Rodman Rants: North Korea Basketball Game “Great Idea For The World”

Former basketball player Dennis Rodman delivered an angry response to CNN’s Chris Cuomo after being questioned regarding a recent controversial trip to North Korea with other former NBA players. Rodman and his entourage are scheduled for a basketball game with … Read More

Colorado Pot Shops Will “Run Out” Within Days Due to High Demand

Colorado’s recreational marijuana stores will not be able to meet consumer demand if it continues at this rate, according to pot shop owners. “We are going to run out,” said Toni Fox, owner of the 3D Cannabis Center in Denver. “It’s … Read More

“Duck Dynasty” Family Now Selling Guns

Gun enthusiasts who happen to be fans of A&E’s popular reality series “Duck Dynasty” will now enjoy choices from a new set of guns branded by America’s favorite duck-hunting family. Duck Commander — the company founded by “Duck” patriarch Phil … Read More