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Alabama Man Begs For Mercy After Hiring KKK Hitman To Kill Black Neighbor

An Alabama man who pleaded guilty to hiring a KKK hitman to murder his black neighbor is now begging a judge for mercy at his sentencing. Allen Wayne Morgan was arrested last August for his plans to kill Clifford Mosley, … Read More

Kim Kardashian Becomes Victim Of Racist Blackface Prank

Kim Kardashian expressed outrage after a racist man showed up in blackface and pretended to be Kanye West during her recent appearance at the Vienna Ball in Austria. Kardashian was at the event after being paid $500,000 to be the … Read More

Louis Farrakhan: Black People Need Their Own Judicial System

Speaking in front of 18,000 people this past weekend in Detroit, Louis Farrakhan said the current judicial system was racist towards black people and the only way to correct this is to create separate systems for whites and blacks. Farrakhan … Read More

VIDEO: Pastor Says Obama Sending ‘White Homo Demons’ To Steal Black Men Away

Sometimes pastors could use a little healing themselves. A so-called NYC birther pastor posted an outrageous YouTube video this week that accused Barack Obama of plotting to have “white homo demons” lure black men away from dating black women. Atlah … Read More

Vice Co-Founder: ‘Overfed’ Dominicans Using Food Stamps As ‘Fat Pill’

The co-founder of Vice has come under fire for racist comments that included claiming “overfed” African-Americans use food stamps as a “fat pill.” Gavin McInnes told Fox News host Sean Hannity that it was Dominicans and not white people who … Read More

White Supremacist Charged With Sexually Abusing Teenage Girl

A white supremacist with ties to the KKK is now facing serious jail time on charges including drug dealing and the sexual assault of a teenage girl. Arkansas native Floyd Melton Lewis was arrested last weekend after an anonymous source … Read More

Musician Prince Says Black People Don’t Get ‘Second Chances’

Legendary musician Prince has sparked plenty of debate with his recent comments about black entertainers and their place in entertainment. The rocker has been speaking out against racism on music and film for more than three decades and said there … Read More

Ted Nugent Says Calling Obama ‘Subhuman Mongrel’ Isn’t Racist

Ted Nugent has found himself on the defensive as of late for his remark that Barack Obama is a “subhuman mongrel” and comparing the Obama administration to Nazi Germany. With accusations of racism flying, Nugent has denied being a racist … Read More

Texas Tea Party Candidate Calls Latinos ‘Wetbacks’ In Racist Interview

A Tea Party candidate from Texas has come under fire for referring to Latinos as “wetbacks” and claiming that using the racist slur is “as normal as breathing air in South Texas.” Republican Chris Mapp made the shockingly racist comments … Read More

Paula Deen Apologizes (Yet Again) For Using The N-Word

Paula Deen is continuing her national apology tour for admitting to making racist remarks. The controversial cooking queen is trying to plot a comeback after being dropped by the Food Network and almost all of her sponsors last year after … Read More