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America’s Religious War: Checking the Bias

So, given Naomi Wolf’s warnings to not simply swallow the news reported from the government about ISIS, we should perhaps take a look at the bias in the various outlets reporting on ISIS. While “bias” has become synonymous with ideological … Read More

America’s Religious War: Who Really Are The Enemies?

What do we know about ISIL? Simply put, the answer is not all that much. We know they are wealthy and we know that they are vicious. Yet, when it comes to things like the beheading videos, the only source … Read More

America’s Religious War: Are We At War With Islam?

Hours after 9/11, Hunter S. Thompson wrote about it for the old ESPN Page 2. “Make no mistake about it: We are At War now — with somebody — and we will stay At War with that mysterious Enemy for … Read More

Military Expands Immigrant Recruitment To Include DREAMers

A new decision from the Department of Defense will allow a “small number of undocumented immigrants in the U.S.” to serve in the military, according to The Military Times. This is just another of the benefits that are being provided to … Read More

PA Senate Passes Legal Weed Bill, Shows Their Ignorance In Its Specifics

Pennsylvania could become the 24th state (well, technically it’s a Commonwealth) to allow some form of legalized Marijuana for medical patients. The bill passed 43-7 on Wednesday, “[a]fter an emotionally charged debate,” according to NBC Philadelphia. The bill comes after Pennslyvania … Read More

No, Al Sharpton IS NOT Helping To Pick The Next Attorney General of the United States

After Eric Holder announced he was stepping down from his position as the U.S. Attorney General, Al Sharpton released a statement to the press saying that he and his National Action Network were “engaged in immediate conversations” with the White … Read More

Cult of Outrage: Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover Under Fire For “Rape Joke”

The crossover episode between The Simpsons and Family Guy is gimmicky, but also something that the folks at Fox surely salivated over until it was agreed to. However, the episode is under fire for a “rape joke” in the trailer … Read More

#HeForShe Sparks Twitter War, Why Is This Issue So Divisive?

Emma Watson stunned the world this weekend with her speech to the United Nations about gender inequality across the globe. Taken at face value, Watson’s point is both sound and inspiring. The idea that men and women can work together … Read More

US Beings to Bomb ISIS in Syria, Is This The New War?

As the U.S. begins to bomb ISIL forces in Syria, America finds itself for the third time in as many decades on the brink of a large-scale conflict in and around Iraq. However, unlike the news media drumbeat for war … Read More

Should Viewing The Leaked Nude Celebrity Pictures Be Illegal?

It fappened again. Another wave of celebrity nude photos hit the internet almost a month after a huge leak dubbed “The Fappening.*” After about a month of silence the photos began to trickle out on the same sites again. anonIB … Read More