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Soon To Be Published Study Finds U.S. Is An Oligarchy

A new Princeton University study set to be published in the fall issue of Perspectives on Politics is the first empirical look at exactly who most influences American governmental policy. “In the United States our findings indicate,” the authors write, … Read More

Remembering The Greatest Generation: Bill Overstreet

In the moment, war is exhilarating if only because brushes with death remind us how tenuously alive we are. Battlefield casualties and wanton destruction are the real-world results of most armed conflict, although through the veil of history we tend … Read More

Domestic Violence: Is There A Sexist Double-Standard?

With all of the NFL suspensions of late, intimate partner violence is at the forefront of the national discussion. However it’s not just male football stars that have been charged with domestic violence lately, female soccer star (a nude picture … Read More

Leading GOP Candidate in NC Wouldn’t Mind War With Mexico

There is an interesting discord amongst starkly conservative and very Christian political candidates. While Jesus Christ is perhaps the most famous pacifist of all time, why do so many of those who claim to follow his teachings so blatantly ignore … Read More

Fox & Friends Are Afraid Of Pot Cookies and Candy

For months, recreational marijuana has been legal in two states and the Union still stands (well, for the most part). However, this hasn’t stopped the vice fear-mongers from continuing to worry that weed will destroy future generations. To put it … Read More

Stop The Spankings: Hitting Children Is Always Wrong

With all of the attention being paid to the NFL for the numerous players fighting assault charges, there has been quite a bit of discussion about disciplining children. Adrian Peterson apologized for hurting his son, but clung to the notion … Read More

Conservative Radio Host Warns of Rise of ‘Mother-Daughter’ Couples Based on Internet Hoax

There has been any number of warnings about what the rise of LGBTQ rights will bring to America: men and women marrying animals, the cessation of human reproduction, and, now, a “scourge” of mother-daughter couples. At least this is according … Read More

Families of James Foley, Steven Sotloff Say They Were ‘Bullied’ by Obama Administration

If one wonders how effective terrorism is, one need only look at the fallout from the brutal killings of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff by ISIL. This particular kind of terrorism has the dual effect of enraging Americans … Read More

Rush Limbaugh: ‘No’ Means ‘Yes,’ If You Know How To Spot It

It’s startling that in a world gone mad with political correctness, that the Cult of Outrage hasn’t waged a crusade to get Rush Limbaugh banned from the airwaves and relegated to the internet where all good cranks belong. Limbaugh was discussing the … Read More

Let’s Fix America: Spotting The Lies Part 2

Previously we discussed how an examination of the details of an issue can reveal if an elected official or political surrogate is being truthful about it. Yet, one can also evaluate how a person makes their argument to determine whether … Read More