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Creationists Rent Billboard to Send Message to Young Earth Doubting Liberals

Passers-by in Times Square this holiday season (or at least those that look up at the right time) will be treated to a special message from Ken Ham and his fellow young creationists. Upset about the bashing of their Noah’s … Read More

Fox News Correspondent Reacts to Torture Report: ‘But America is AWESOME’

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros was not happy with the recently released report on the United States’ use of torture. In fact, she seems to think it is a great big Democratic plot to make America look less ‘awesome.’ “The … Read More

Rick Joyner: ‘Athletes’ High Salaries are God’s Way of Paying Them Back for Slavery’

Far-right preacher Rick Joyner has said some pretty bone-headed things with the word ‘slavery’ in them in the past. For example, just this February he announced that Obama is the one forcing everyday Americans into slavery, all because of Obamacare. … Read More

Conservatives Go Nuts Over Fake Story Claiming Facebook is Messing With Their 2nd Amendment Rights

The far-right love their conspiracies, from accusing Obama to interfering with popular adverts to promote Muslim ‘jihadists’ to blaming liberals for purposing encouraging young black men to become thugs. Now, they are up in arms that their beloved Second Amendment rights … Read More

Rick Santorum Thinks Separation of Church and State is a Communist Idea

The Religious Right have a problem. While they bill themselves as staunch defenders of the Constitution who wish to realize the founding fathers’ vision for a Christian America, there is the pesky problem of separation of church and state. Fortunately … Read More

Pat Buchanan Calls Ferguson Protesters the Civil Rights Violators, Says Ferguson PD Has Done Nothing Wrong

Pat Buchanan is a conservative talking head and the former aide to U.S. Presidents Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. He also is an outspoken opponent of current President Barack Obama, especially when it comes to the way he … Read More

Pat Robertson’s Advice to Unemployed Man: ‘Give Money to My Network’

Pat Robertson has never been shy for asking for money. In fact, just this September, the aging televangelist was asked by his fellow octogenarians what they should do because after tithing for many years, they could not afford to give … Read More

Ben Carson Blames Women’s Lib and ‘Me’ Generation for Ferguson

Forget racism or the disproportionate number of black people that get shot by police in America or who end up in jail. Possible GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson says he knows what to blame for Ferguson – women’s liberation and … Read More

Wait, Did Darren Wilson Say That He Decided to Fire on Michael Brown After He Called Him a P*ssy?

Darren Wilson is not exactly good at creating sympathy for himself. During his one-hour interview that aired on ABC News he sat, a bit too well rehearsed, to tell his story of what happened with Michael Brown. Listening to him … Read More

Josh Duggar’s Creepy Fetal Personhood Thanksgiving Greeting

Josh Duggar is the eldest child of the giant Duggar brood. He is also, despite anything more than a home-school education and virtually no work experience beyond family gigs, the executive director of FRC Action, the lobbying branch of the … Read More