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Pat Robertson Blames Obama, ‘Race Agitators’ for Unrest in Ferguson

Pat Robertson has weighed in on the grand jury’s failure to indict Darren Wilson, and not surprisingly, he is on the police and Wilson’s side. Admonishing people to stop listening to “race agitators,” he said that those protesting need to … Read More

AFA Says Thieving and ‘Entitled’ Michael Brown Got What He Deserved

As unrest continues in Ferguson and protests are being mounted across the country to decry the grand jury’s decision to not charge Darren Wilson for Brown’s death, the good people at the American Family Association just could not help but … Read More

Walmart Workers Chain Food Donation In Front of Walton’s Tony Apartment

While Walmart workers rarely break $10 an hour and worry about putting food on their table, the Waltons are living it big in a tony Park Avenue apartment. The ultra-lux full service building, where condos sell for millions, is one … Read More

Fox News Warns Flood of ‘Illegals’ Will Ruin Public Education Thanks to Reality Challenged Liberals

Here’s a shocker. Fox News responded to Obama’s immigration order by spreading a little fear. According to Fox’s Tucker Carlson, thanks to Obama, a flood of illegal aliens will now come into America and destroy the nation’s schools. Yet, even … Read More

Kirk Cameron is Mobilizing Evangelicals to Give His Bad Movie a Good Review, Why You Should Care

Kirk Cameron’s ‘Saving Christmas’ is a self-absorbed (Cameron even names his own character ‘Kirk’) pseudo-historical romp through the history of Christmas aimed at evangelical audiences. It also makes no bones about the fact it is actually a sermon on the … Read More

Turnabout is Fair Play: Fox & Friends Angry Obama Can Quote Scripture Too

Some conservatives spend their entire days bending scripture to make their point or banking their entire anti-gay stance on a few verses. When Obama did it in Thursday’s immigration speech, though, Fox News went nuts. “Scripture tells us that we … Read More

Sheriff Arpaio Files Suit Against Obama Over Immigration

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio wasted no time after Obama’s immigration speech. He has already filed a lawsuit against the President. According to Arpaio, the President’s speech outed him as a con man and now he must pay. “He speaks a … Read More

Louie Gohmert Blames Obama and His ‘Liberal Attack People’ for Inciting Violence

Louis Gohmert thinks the liberal media has it all wrong. It is not the far-right extremists inciting violence, but Obama and his ‘liberal attack people’ who are using immigration and Ferguson to provoke ‘mayhem’ across the U.S.A. During an interview … Read More

The War Continues: Anonymous Responds to KKK Threat With One of Their Own

The Ku Klux Klan has picked a fight with Anonymous and they don’t seem to know when to call it quits. It all started when the Klan sent a flier threatening ‘lethal force’ against the Ferguson protesters with this cartoon-villain … Read More

Michele Bachmann is Still Convinced Non-Citizens ‘Illiterates’ Plan on Voting

Michele Bachmann’s reign as a Congresswoman is coming to an end, but not before she gets in a few last stabs at Obama and immigrants. In anticipation of Obama’s prime-time announcement on immigration, Bachmann sat down with the Washington Post’s … Read More