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Jon Stewart Defends Phil Robertson, Slams Fox News

Jon Stewart joins the world and offers his take on Duck Dynasty’s star Phil Robertson’s comments on homosexuality. In an article in GQ magazine, Phil Robertson called homosexuality sinful. He said, “Just morph out from there. Bestiality, the male prostitutes, … Read More

A Woman Was Assaulted For Saying Happy Holidays Instead Of Merry Christmas

Kristina Vindiola was assaulted for saying happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas while working for the Salvation Army collecting donations outside of Walmart in Arizona. A woman looked at Vindiola, walked towards her and asked, “Do you believe in God? … Read More

Larry Pratt: Current Gun Legislations Are Lethal, It Is Killing People

Guns advocate, Larry Pratt, joins Fox News’ Chris Wallace to discuss the current gun legislations. He points out those gun-free zones are “murder magnets.” Pratt said, “We’re not really able to talk about a victory until we get rid of … Read More

John McCain On His Obama-Chamberlain Comparison: Gross Exaggeration

CNN’s Candy Crowley asked Senator John McCain if he regrets comparing President Barack Obama to Neville Chamberlain for shaking hands with Cuban President, Raul Castro, during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. McCain retracted and called the comparison “gross Exaggeration.” “Oh, I … Read More

Ann Coulter Slams Nancy Pelosi For Decrying That GOP Disrespect Women

Ann Coulter joins Fox News to discussed Nancy Pelosi’s remark that the Republicans have disrespect for women. Coulter finds the claim odd because Martin Bashir was recently forced to resign after making the remark that someone should defecate in the … Read More

Geraldo Rivera: If Wealth Can Insulate You From Responsibility For A Crime, Why Not Poverty?

Geraldo Rivera joins Fox News to criticize a Texas judge for using “affluenza” as the reason for not punishing a rich teen in a DUI case that killed four people. Rivera said thought that the judge’s logic for the decision … Read More

Jon Stewart Ecstatic Over Budget Deal

After talking about how the current Congress is the worst Congress ever of the United States but perhaps the entire world, Jon Stewart was ecstatic to find that Congress is ready to compromise to come up with a budget deal. … Read More

Michele Bachmann Blames Media For GOP’s Low Ratings

Michele Bachmann joins Bill O’Reilly to discuss the McClatchy-Marist poll that shows low approval rating for the GOP. The poll shows 22% approve and 74% disapprove for the GOP. Bachmann, who is presently a representative in Congress, blamed the overwhelming … Read More

Jon Stewart Blasts Media For Blowing Obama-Castro Handshake Out Of Proportion

During Mandela’s memorial, President Obama shook hands with Cuban leader Raul Castro. Jon Stewart finds it ironic that the media is trying to blow a simple handshake out of proportion when honoring the life of Nelson Mandela, who was all … Read More

Judge Ordered Cake Shop Owner To Make A Cake For Same-Sex Wedding Or Face Possible Jail Time

A judge ordered Jack Philips, a Colorado cake shop owner, to bake a cake for a gay couple or pay a fine or even go to jail. The shop owner said he refused to bake the cake for same-sex weddings … Read More