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Bernie Madoff: Bashes President Obama and Hilary Clinton

In an interview in Butler, North Carolina with Politico.com where he is currently serving a 150+ year sentence for massive insecurities and investment fraud, Bernie Madoff decided to voice his views about the current President Barack Obama and potential President Hilary Clinton. He says in the interview that he did contribute to Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2008, but thinks she would make a terrible president. He is quoted as saying “I certainly wasn’t impressed with her as secretary of state. Our foreign policy is a mess.” He also gave comments on his feelings about President Obama and whether or not he would have voted for him the second time if he had the opportunity. He said that he was “terribly disappointed” in the current president because his political leanings were “too socialist” for his tastes. It appears that Mr. Madoff is not particularly fond of the president’s political flag post which is Obamacare (universal healthcare). Mr. Madoff also signed off on the Chris Christie bridge-gate scandal by saying “It looks like a circus” and talked about his disdain for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. He is quoted as saying, “I’m not a big fan of redistribution of wealth.” His political opinions have certainly not been tamed by his stint in prison, but he doesn’t seem to understand that his opinions are marred by the fact that he frauded thousands of people out of millions of dollars.

He also fails to realize that giving politicians positive reinforcement may not be such a good idea at this time either. One politician he is particularly fond of is the United States Senator for Oregon Ron Wyden. He said that “He’s extremely intelligent and … whenever I hear an issue and he comes up, it seems to be something that I agree with.” He is also quoted as saying that Senator Wyden was extremely “impressive” and that “he seems to have a tremendous amount of integrity.” This is particularly ironic since the words impressive and integrity would not be used to describe Mr. Madoff; it baffles me that he doesn’t realize that his words are now seen as a sort of hyperbolic twist instead of as esteemed and newsworthy. Coming from Mr. Madoff, an endorsement for Ron Wyden will probably only give the Senator an awkward question at a press conference instead of a legitimate boost in the minds of Americans.

The only truthful telling from this interview appears to be when he told the reporter that “My crime was a failing of the oversight of the industry, but I can’t really blame the SEC or regulators for that. The government never gives them enough money to police the industry – whether it’s someone like me or insider trading.” The idea that the government cannot keep up with the criminalization of Wall Street because they lack the funds that the major players on Wall Street possess is an interesting one. High paying lobbyists who fight regulations are also an issue for those wanting corruption to be ended. The fact of the matter is that if you cannot stay ahead of these guys, you will be behind them. There is no middle ground in situations like these. At least Mr. Madoff is able to understand the problem in general terms, even though he fails to realize that he is a microcosm of the problem.

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