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Mitch McConnell Berates Obamacare

The Senate Republican leader from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell wrote an opinion piece for CNN.com where he lambasted President Obama’s Obamacare law. The president pledged that Americans could keep their current coverage plans and that healthcare coverage would be stronger and more stable than it has ever been. McConnell believes that none of these pledges have been kept and he wrote that “As the horror stories continue to roll in, however, the emptiness of those promises and the human toll of this deeply misguided experiment have become increasingly difficult for Democrats to ignore.”

The Senator claims that “millions of Americans” are speaking out “about their frustrations and heartbreak,” but that no-one on the Democratic Party is listening or taking them seriously. He also says that promises of monthly premiums not increasing have been ignored by the current administration. He quotes this deception as being “the lie of the year” and that nothing is even “comparable to the scope of the deception involved in selling this law.”

McConnell feels that the credibility of the Democratic Party is flailing badly because instead of having an open debate about the Obamacare policies, they are downplaying “statistics that cast it in a negative light.” He is quoted as saying that “As for the President, he seems more interested in promoting his NCAA bracket and talking up Obamacare’s elusive virtues on satirical talk shows like “Between the Ferns.”

McConnell goes on to quote management consulting firm McKinsey and Co. who found that “only a fraction of the biggest local hospitals in a given coverage area will accept Obamacare patients.” He also quotes an Associated Press poll where “only four of the 19 cancer centers it surveyed would give Obamacare patients access to its cancer care through the new Obamacare exchanges in their states.” He claims that these statistics do not show any progress and that the law needs to be repealed for something more “patient-driven.”

McConnell, however, does not realize that he is doing exactly what the Democrats are doing; he is just doing it in reverse. By talking only about the negative aspects of Obamacare, he is not making himself apart of the solution. The fact of the matter is that the United States ranks as number one in the world in healthcare costs, and twenty-fifth in the world in healthcare outcomes. That needs to change if the United States is going to remain the largest global economy in the world. And President Obama did introduce competitive bidding for durable medical equipment and has seen medical errors reduced since his healthcare law has been introduced. By not acknowledging some of the success of Obamacare, McConnell is just adding more heat to the fire that is the political landscape of the moment. Instead of actively working to fix negative aspects of the law, he would rather have it completely erased from memory. And that is not something that is likely to happen anytime soon

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