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Bernie Sanders Has President Obama’s Back On Paid Sick Leave Executive Order

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has voiced his support for President Barack Obama’s recent executive order regarding paid sick leave and worker’s rights.

Sanders is no stranger to worker’s rights. In fact, critics often label him as a socialist, and it is a title that he embraces wholeheartedly. His entire campaign is founded upon the premise of helping the lower and middle classes find jobs and he is pushing to reduce the costs of education.

See snippets of the story as reported by Politicus USA below:

2016 Democratic Presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) applauded President Barack Obama for signing anexecutive order that means federal workers/contractors will get paid sick leave and new Department of Labor rules that give those workers and contractors new tools to demand equal pay.

“The president’s executive order on paid sick leave is exactly the right thing to do,” the Independent Senator wrote in a statement.

Sanders called on Congress to act to match President Obama’s executive order for federal workers, “Now that paid sick leave has been extended to hundreds of thousands of Americans who work for federal contractors, Congress has got to extend these rights to all workers.”

Senator Sanders called out the truth, saying it’s an international embarrassment that we do not guarantee paid leave to workers, “We have got to end the international embarrassment of the U.S. being the only major country on earth that does not guarantee paid leave to workers.”

Championing a cause that the Democratic Party and other presidential nominees are also calling for, Sanders pushed for paid family and medical leave and at least two weeks vacation, “Not only do workers need paid sick leave, they also need at least 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave and at least two weeks of paid vacation. In the richest country on earth, no one should force mothers to go back to work days or weeks after giving birth.”

Senator Sanders once again isn’t going to feed the hungry media the Democratic fight they’ve been hunting for. He has backed Obama in the past when he agreed with the President and he will do it again. He’s not going to “distance” himself from the President, as the media has been hysterically instructing Democrats to do for the past seven years. Sanders also saw the mistake most Democrats made in 2014 midterms of running away from the President.

Photo credit: Politicus USA.

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