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‘Blue Lives Matter’: Police Officer Finds Anonymous Thank-You Note on His Patrol Car (Photo)

A police officer from San Antonio was happy when he came back to his patrol car and saw an anonymous note from a woman telling him that she had his back and that “Blue Lives Matter.”

Officer Cameron Helle found the note on the driver’s side window of his cruiser.

Opposing Views reports:

“Had your back as long as I could stay. Gotta get home to my babies. God bless y’all. Blue lives matter. All lives matter.”

“My heart was warm,” Helle told the news station. “Especially with everything going on right now, it felt awesome.”

The message was signed from “a mom,” and posted on the San Antonio Police Officer’s Association Facebook Page. It’s received nearly 600 likes and plenty of comments from people in support of the gesture.

“They actually do have our backs, and that’s why I love San Antonio so much,” Helle said.

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Photo credit: Opposing Views.

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