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Bobby Jindal Calls Trump An Unstable Narcissist

Even the Republicans are starting to turn on Donald Trump. On Thursday, Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal called Trump an “unstable narcissist” for the way he has behaved on the campaign trail.

“I want to say what everyone is thinking about Donald Trump but is afraid to say,” Jindal said before ripping into Trump. “He is shallow, there is no substance. He doesn’t know anything about policy, he has no idea what he is talking about. He makes it up on the fly.”

Jindal also took to Facebook where he posted a video making fun of Trump and labeling him as a “classic narcissist.”

Trump responded to Jindal, claiming that he has never heard of him and that he would only speak to candidates that were over one percent in the polls.

Jindal related Trump to Kim Kardashian and made it clear that he had no place in politics.

“I think the Donald Trump show has been entertaining. I’ve enjoyed him as a reality TV show star, but just because a lot of people like watching Kim Kardashian, we wouldn’t put her in the White House either,” Jindal said. “He is an unserious, unstable, narcissistic egomaniac…Let’s make America great again, it starts by firing Donald Trump.”

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Photo credit: ABC News.

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