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Teen Buys Meal For Mississippi State Trooper (Photo)

An unidentified teen from Mississippi warmed the heart of a local officer who was dining at Sonics by anonymously paying his bill for him.

When the officer went to pay his bill, he was informed by his waitress that the meal had been paid for.

“Have a safe day! Someone who cares,” read the note.

Opposing Views reports:

In the wake of high-profile attacks on police officers around the country come stories of people reaching out to individuals in law enforcement to express their solidarity and good will.

The latest tale comes from a Sonic drive-thru in Florence, Mississippi, where a teen customer reportedly bought a state trooper’s meal and left him a note wishing him a safe day, The Clarion-Ledger reported.

According to a photo posted by an employee on the Sonic’s Facebook page, the teen waited for the trooper to order and then paid for the meal.

“Maybe there is hope for this generation after all,” the employee captioned the photo. “This really warmed my heart to see a teen of all people do something this selfless.”

The teen who did the good deed hasn’t been identified, nor has the trooper who received a free meal, but the Sonic employee claimed the teen was a graduate of Florence High School.

Photo credit: Mike Mozart / Facebook.


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