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Watch Bernie Sanders Explain How Trump Is Using Racism To Get The GOP Votes (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders was interviewed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday. He spoke about Donald Trump and how he is using racism to attract votes.

“How do you feel about Donald Trump?” asked Blitzer.

“I think he is clearly doing a lot better in the Republican process than anyone thought he would. I am sad to say that in the year 2015, people like Trump are using racism as a way to attract votes. You don’t talk about Mexican-Americans or people from Mexico as rapists or as criminals. That is not what we should be talking about in this country today. I would have hoped that we would have gone beyond that kind of racism,” responded Sanders.

Addicting Info reports:

Blitzer then points out that Trump has said that “some” of the Mexicans coming into the United States are turning out to be rapists and criminals. Sanders responded to this by saying that there are multitudes of immigrants coming into the United States, with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Trump only referred to the Mexican ones. Which is true. Despite what you might hear from the mouths of the GOP candidates, immigration from Mexico is actually declining. In fact, new immigrants from China alone have at least tied with the number of new immigrants coming in from Mexico. This was pointed out in a recently released video by Jorge Ramos that shows exactly how stupid Trump and other Republican candidates’ proposed policies on immigration actually are.

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