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Bill Maher: When Kim Davis Uses God’s ‘Rule Book’ to Deny Same-Sex Marriage, It’s the Same as ‘Sharia Law’

Bill Maher discussed the recent Kim Davis debacle on his HBO show Real Time.

He made it clear that the Christian right was no different than Muslims who practice Sharia law.

“If you say, as Kim Davis and her ilk, and Ted Cruz and all those people say that actually ‘I can ignore the rule of man because the rule book of God said’ —  then you are Iran. Then you are Saudi Arabia. Then you are Sharia law,” Maher explained.

“I don’t think that’s her intention here, to sort of slowly bring people along to this idea of gay marriage,” he explained. “She comes out of jail. Every Republican is waiting to have his photo taken with her. They have a shout-and-holler Cletus ceremony, everyone is holding up crosses, and Survivor’s ‘Eye of the Tiger‘ is playing… well, I’m glad we’re all coming along very slowly.”

See the full story at Raw Story.

Photo credit: HBO.

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  • A.Wyatt Mann

    There’s a big difference between evangelical Christianity and Muslim Sharia law. The difference is that you jews will never force Muslims to marry gays in their synagogues. And when they refuse to do so and react to the imposition with extremist and horrific violent acts of terrorism, no one is going to sue them,fine them,jail them, or slur their entire group in a jewish newspaper. But we’re not supposed to talk about that, are we?

  • calla

    Let those without sin throw the first stone, several divorces, children out of wedlock, she picks and chooses her sin, I don’t care about her sins, past and future, but she has no right to judge anyone and try and effect their future, maybe just wants to be forgiven, to show her how it’s done ” Kim I forgive you”