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Bill Maher Calls Out Donald Trump’s Racism With Spot-On Monologue

On Friday’s segment of Real Time, Bill Maher commented on Donald Trump and his overt racism.

He decided to give Trump a taste of his own medicine. Channeling his inner-Trump, Maher accused Australia of stealing jobs.

“Australia is not sending us its best people,” he said. “They’re bringing drugs — yes, enough for everybody, but still — they’re rapists — OK, not rapists, but they do a lot of f-cking — and I assume some are good people.”

The Huffington Post reports:

Maher also brought up the fact that Australians are even taking American film roles (read: Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts, Hugh Jackman), and it just isn’t fair.

But aside from the joking, the comedian had a serious point to make — it’s not undocumented workers Trump should be worried about, it’s the people who continue to hire them. And if he really wants to rethink immigration, the employers might be a good place to start.

Photo credit: Real Clear Politics.

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