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Fox News Host: ‘Everyone Benefited’ From Putting More Blacks in Prison for Drugs in the 1990s

Fox News host Tucker Carlson found himself in an unwinnable argument over the weekend. He made the claim that “everyone benefited” from locking up record numbers of blacks who committed non-violent drug crimes in the 1990s.

During Sunday’s segment of Fox and Friends, Carlson suggested that the United States was better off as a result of the mass incarcerations.

First, Carlson questioned why Stephen Colbert was wearing a Black Lives Matter wristband.

“Was his show the right outlet for this message?” the Fox News host said. “I assume he doesn’t fully understand what Black Lives Matter is — maybe he does.”

Ashley Bell and Carlson briefly discussed the Black Lives Matter movement, to which Bell suggested that African-Americans work with police to build trust and to establish legitimacy.

Carlson took it in a different direction, praising the Clinton administration for arresting record numbers of African-Americans

“Well, I think there is wide consensus that the Clinton administration went a little overboard in the sentencing, for sure,” Carlson agreed. “On the other hand, the crime rate went way down. And everyone benefited from that, particularly in black neighborhoods, which always have the highest crime rates.”

“That was good for people who live in those neighborhoods and every neighborhood,” he continued. “So you kind of have to balance those two imperatives.

These issues are a little bit broader than that, Tucker,” Bell replied. “When you talk about folks who have felonies who were convicted 10, 20 years ago of non-violent felonies who live in states like Georgia with a great Republican governor who is bringing jobs to our state, they can’t sign up for those jobs because they have felonies that are decades old that have nothing to do with the jobs they are trying to apply for.”

“The crime rate, again, is ticking up,” Carlson insisted. “It’s not one man’s imagination. The numbers are there. The murder rate, armed robbery, rape — those numbers are all up in major cities across the country.”

See the video below:

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