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In Midst Of Syrian Refugee Crisis, Secretary Of State John Kerry Proposes Increasing The Number Of Refugees Allowed In The U.S.

As Syria is ravaged by war, politicians in the United States debate how the country will respond to the crisis. Republicans want to bar all refugees from entering the country, suggesting that they are all terrorists and leeches on the system.

Still, cooler heads are prevailing, as both Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama have demonstrated their interest in increasing the country’s refugee intake numbers.

“We are committed to increasing the number of refugees that we take. And we are looking hard at a number that we can specifically manage with respect to the crisis in Syria and Europe,” Kerry said. “That’s being vetted fully right now and I think at the appropriate time we’ll have a better sense of what exactly that number will be.”

Opposing Views reports:

According to the United Nations, the number of refugees in the world has reached an all-time high, surpassing even World War II. CNN reported Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan alone have already taken in nearly 4 million refugees.

Though Kerry’s proposal was reportedly met with mixed-reactions, even top Republicans have acknowledged that foreign policy making in Syria has contributed to the rush of people who are so desperate to escape, they’re willing to risk their own lives and those of their family members.

After Kerry made his remarks, Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona stood on the Senate floor in front of the now-famous photo of a drowned Syrian toddler. “It is a mass exodus of refugees fleeing conflicts that the United States has refused to address for years,” McCain said.

Photo credit: Syrianrefugees.eu.

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