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Study Shows That Anti-Gay Bigots Are Literally Crazy

A recent study by the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine has revealed that extreme cases of homophobia stem out of severe mental issues.

According to the findings of the study, the majority of right-wing Christians and Republicans would fall into this category.

Occupy Democrats reports:

“We found that psychoticism represented an important risk factor for homophobia, demonstrating that pathologic personality traits are involved in homophobic attitudes” reported the study, meaning it could be an indicator for “severe psychopathologic conditions, such as delusion, isolation, and interpersonal alienation, but also hostility and anger.” Which makes a lot of sense, as that describes the modern-day Republican Party in a nutshell.

Lots of misplaced anger and hostility against the President, against the government, against immigration? Check. A delusional perception of the world that is utterly divorced from reality? Check. The deliberate alienation of every demographicgroup that isn’t Christian white males? Check. Rampant homophobia? Check.

It is very clear that there is a deep dysfunction within the Republican Party. Their unwillingness to even give a cursory impression that they actually intend to govern is evidence enough. If these results are conclusive, it would seem that the GOP desperately needs a therapist – and certainly not a presidency.

Photo credit: News Talk Florida.

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