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‘Shocked And Flattered’: Little Boy Insists On Buying Police Officer’s Breakfast

A police officer from Florida was shocked when a young boy insisted on paying for his breakfast.

Deputy Jackson stopped for breakfast before his shift. A little boy approached him and told him that he appreciated what he did and wanted to pay for his breakfast.

Jackson made a Facebook post about the encounter and it quickly went viral.

Jackson wrote:

“I walked into this restaurant to get breakfast before heading to work my detail. As I enter, all eyes are fixed on me. I could only imagine what was going through the minds of the people inside the restaurant with all the negativity surrounding law enforcement officials. Nonetheless, I proceed to the cash register and placed my order. No sooner than my total flashed across the screen, this little kid said ‘I’m gonna pay for his,,, (breakfast). Shocked and flattered. I declined and his parents insisted saying, when you walked into the door, he insisted on buying your breakfast because he appreciates the thankless job you do!

“It’s a good thing I had on my Oakley’s because I really teared up. In closing, I really appreciated this kind act by this kid and the fine qualities being instilled in him by his parents!”

Photo credit: Opposing Views.


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