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Anti-LGBT Lawyer Urges Christians to ‘Flee’ US Because Ben Carson Says the Election Will Be Canceled

Ben Carson made claims in the past that the 2016 election would be canceled by President Barack Obama so that he could tighten maintain his power. Sounds crazy right? It is a pretty ludicrous claim, but for a select sect of Republicans, they believe it’s true.

Anti-LGBT attorney John Price is urging Americans to flee the country from the tyrannical Obama.

Raw Story reports:

“I think we’re past the point where politics is going to save America,” Price said. “There are a lot of people, including Ben Carson, who said this last December who think there might not even be an election next year, that there may be a declaration from a White House that would avoid an election. So why do we want to spend hours and hours and hours and tens of thousands of dollars on an election that may not happen?”

“When we see Kim Davis sitting six days in a jail but we see murderers who get out in a half an hour on bail, and we say, ‘That’s not right, it’s against our beliefs, it’s against God’s word’ — when we see all of those things and we want to really get upset and we want to either go to our gun closet or do something violent or go back in the streets, the problem with that is that all we are doing is feeding into the violence that Scripture says is going to happen in the end but it doesn’t solve the problem,” Price said. “God tells us how to solve the problem — he says flee. There’s a time to fight and there’s a time to flee.”

“We certainly are the mother of abominations,” Price said, and both men agreed that “godly” Russia was likely safe from God’s wrath for its harsh anti-LGBT laws.

See the full story at Raw Story.

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