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Donald Trump Compares Bible to an ‘Incredible Movie’ and Cites Bogus Verse as His Favorite

In the latest round of election shuffle, Donald Trump is pandering to the religious right and trying to cement their votes.

Speaking to the Christian Broadcasting Network, he made it clear that he is a man who cherishes the Bible and the messages it teaches.

“There’s so many things that you can learn from it (The Bible),” said Trump in an interview. “Proverbs, the chapter ‘never bend to envy.’ I’ve had that thing all of my life where people are bending to envy.”

Raw Story reports:

CNN tried to find the Proverb that says “never bend to envy,” and came up short, and notes that while Trump has cited the Bible as his favorite book on numerous occasions, he’s never been able to quote an actual verse.

He said it was because the issue was very personal to him, telling Bloomberg, “The Bible means a lot to me, but I don’t want to get into specifics.”

During the CBN interview, Trump then compared the Bible to a good movie that gets better every time you see it, and said it is “special.”

“The Bible, is special. The Bible, the more you see it, the more you read it, the more incredible it is. I don’t like to use this analogy, but like a great movie, a great, incredible movie. You’ll see it once it will be good. You’ll see it again. You can see it 20 times and every time you’ll appreciate it more. The Bible is the most special thing.”

Photo credit: Christian Broadcasting Network.

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