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Sanders: Make Election Day a Holiday

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has proposed a brilliant idea, make Election Day a national holiday.

Sander’s believes in every individuals right to vote and wants to see Election Day turned into a holiday in order to ensure that everyone is able to vote without any issues.

The Hill reports:

Sanders, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, has introduced a proposal that would amend the U.S. code to include “Federal Election Day, the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November in each even-numbered year,” according to the legislation.

The Vermont senator said at a rally last week that the legislation would make sure everyone who wants to vote has the time to, and “would indicate a national commitment to create a vibrant democracy.”
The legislation is part of a package of proposals that Sanders is offering, aimed at voting and campaigns. He’s also introduced legislation that would automatically register 18-year-olds to vote, and said last week that he intends to offer legislation that would allow public financing of campaigns.

The proposals come as Democrats rallied around the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, and doubled down on their call for lawmakers to “restore” the legislation after a key provision was struck down by the Supreme Court.

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  • Terry Miller

    another idea Democrats have been advocating for years now..and here comes Bernie to take credit for another Democratic proposal again..can’t wait for people to wake up and see this man has no original ideas and no agenda other than what he steals from Democrats..stick to renaming post offices Bernie , you are not presidential material…

  • Terry

    I’ve always wondered why we vote on Tuesdays. We vote by mail here in WA now, but I clearly remember rushing to pick up the kids, drive to the polls and then stand in line with two hungry boys. Now we are hearing about broken or compromised voting machines and longer lines than ever. Why not take a day off for Democracy? I figure that is a better use of a holiday than Christmas.