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Sanders: Trump Appealing to Americans’ ‘Bad Instincts’

Donald Trump’s campaign has been full of racist tones, especially in discussions about immigration. Bernie Sanders is worried about Trump and his appeal to the “bad instincts” of the average American.

“I have really, very strong concerns with Trump and other Republican candidates appealing to really some bad instincts in the American people,” Sanders said on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports.

“You do not call people from other countries, in this case Mexicans, rapists or criminals. You don’t categorize a people like that,” he continued.

The Hill reports:

Trump, the GOP front-runner, has made cracking down on illegal immigration a centerpiece of his bid.

Sanders is also viewed as a political outsider and is surging in the polls, but he has rejectedcomparisons to Trump. He reiterated on Tuesday that he considers Trump’s remarks on immigrants “racist.”

Trump and other GOP candidates are headed to their party’s second debate on Wednesday night. It comes two days after the real estate tycoon addressed thousands during a rally in Dallas.

“Clearly Trump is touching a nerve,” said Sanders, who has attracted his own crowds in the tens of thousands. He also suggested Trump’s support was a rebuke of establishment GOP candidates.

Photo credit: The Hill.

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