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Twitter Users Threaten to Move to Mexico If Trump Is Elected

Donald Trump is an interesting character. As the second Republican debate approaches, Luminoso analyzed the number of Americans who claimed they would move to Mexico if Trump became president.

There were 75,000 tweets claiming they would move to Mexico and 200,000 “intent to move” posts. On top of that, Mexico proved to be the most popular place to move to, Canada was in second, and the United Kingdom was third.

The Hill reports:

Some 5,800 tweets referenced a move to Alaska, while another 1,500 named Hawaii, despite both being part of the United States.

Australia, France, Jamaica, Ireland, Sweden and Brazil were also frequently mentioned destinations for people who would flee from Trump.

Luminoso, which bills itself as an artificial intelligence-based text analysis company, culled the results from 4.5 million tweets referencing Trump from Aug. 7 to Sept. 9.

The threat to move to Mexico carries added significance with Trump, who has stoked controversy by sharply criticizing the country’s role in illegal immigration.

He he made building a wall along America’s southern border a major selling point of his campaign.

Trump remains the front-runner for next year’s GOP presidential nomination despite controversy over his positions. He leads the Republican 2016 field with 29.8 percent, according to the latest RealClearPolitics average of national polls.

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