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Huckabee Doubles Down on Defense of Kentucky Clerk

During the Republican debate on Wednesday night, Mike Huckabee stood by his defense of county clerk Kim Davis and her religious bigotry.

“We made accommodations to the Fort Hood shooter to let him grow a beard; we made accommodations to the detainees at Gitmo,” Huckabee said.

“You’re telling me that you cannot make an accommodation for an elected Democrat county clerk from Rowan County, Kentucky? What else is it other than the criminalization of her faith and the exultation of the faith of everyone else who might be a Fort Hood shooter or a detainee at Gitmo?”
Jeb Bush understands the law and made it clear that he respected an individual’s religious rights, but that the law was the law and must be upheld first.
“In a big, tolerant country, we should respect the rule of law. … I was opposed to the [Supreme Court] decision, but we can’t just say gays can’t get married now,” he said. “But this woman — there should be some accommodation for her conscience, just as their should be for people, florists that don’t want to participate in weddings, or bakers.”
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Photo credit: CNN.

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