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Trump Links Vaccines to Autism ‘Epidemic’

Donald Trump, known for his radical comments, has entered the autism debate. During the Wednesday night GOP debate on CNN, Trump suggested that vaccines caused autism.

“I’ve seen it,” he said. “You take this little beautiful baby, and you pump — it looks just like it’s meant for a horse.”

“We’ve had so many instances … a child went to have the vaccine, got very, very sick, and now is autistic.”

He failed to provide any evidence for his claims and is clearly just capitalizing on the controversial topic to pander to Republican voters.

“Autism has become an epidemic, he said. “It has gotten totally out of control.”

Ben Carson took a more scientific approach, claiming that vaccinations aren’t linked to autism.

“It has not been adequately revealed to the public what’s actually going on,” Carson said.

For Carson, vaccines are “one of the greatest medical discoveries of all time,” while adding, “I’m also for freedom.”

Rand Paul didn’t say he was against vaccines, but noted that he deserved the right to have them spread out.

“I ought to have the right to spread my vaccines out, at the very least,” Paul said.

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