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Cruz marginalized by CNN, says Levin

According to conservative radio host Mark Levin, Ted Cruz was marginalized during the recent CNN debate.

He suggested that Cruz was treated like a third-tier candidate (which he is) by the debate moderators.

“Twice now Ted Cruz was treated as a third-tier candidate,” Levin wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday.

“He received very little time and was rarely called on,” Levin said. “There appears to be a pattern in these debates to marginalize him.

“Unfortunately, given the nature of these debates, he needs to become more aggressive in pushing his way into discussions,” the broadcaster added.

He was angry that Cruz was silenced on the topic of global warming.

“When he tried to speak as a ‘skeptic’ during the discussion about global warming — where Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Chris Christie apparently accepted the supposed ‘science’ of global warming — Jake Tapper rudely cut him off,” he said

“When Cruz had about 60 uninterrupted seconds or so to address the Iran deal debacle, he was superb,” Levin said. “Same with the Supreme Court.”

The Hill reports:

Levin additionally charged that CNN poorly handled its broadcasting of the GOP’s second presidential debate Wednesday evening.

“CNN’s format was awful,” he said. “The entire effort was intended to instigate fights between and among the candidates.

“They wanted a brawl,” Levin said. “As I’ve been saying for a while, when will the [Republican National Committee] stop turning over the GOP debates to the media?

“I find these debate formats demeaning of the candidates and not particularly informative,” he added.

Cruz vowed he would rip President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Obama “to shreds” during his performance Wednesday night.

The Texas lawmaker also struck a warm tone with Donald Trump, the front-runner for next year’s Republican presidential coronation.

Trump ranks first out of 16 candidates in that race with 30.5 percent, according to the latest RealClearPolitics average of national polls. Cruz, meanwhile, places fourth with 4.8 percent.  The senator has repeatedly promised he is not attacking his competition while on the 2016 campaign trail.

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