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Marines Fire Back at Carson’s Readiness Comment in GOP Debate

Ben Carson criticized the U.S. Marine Corps during Wednesday night’s Republican debate. In a statement about committing to a foreign conflict, he suggested that they were not ready to be deployed.

“It’s because our Navy is so small, it’s because our Air Force is incapable of doing the same things that it did a few years ago, it’s because our Marine Corps is not ready to be deployed,” Carson said.

Members of the Marine Corps community and other concerned Americans quickly took to Twitter to attack his comment.

Marine Corps Times reports:

Carson’s remarks appear to refer to comments made by Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford, but the politician seems to have missed some important details.

When speaking before the Senate Armed Services Committee in January, Dunford testified about the effects shrinking budgets have on the Marine Corps.

“To meet our responsibilities as the nation’s 911 force, we prioritized near-term readiness while assuming risk in our home station readiness, modernization, infrastructure sustainment and quality of life programs,” Dunford said. “Today, approximately half of our home station units are at an unacceptable level of readiness.”

Dunford did not, however, claim or imply that the Marine Corps is incapable of deployment.

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