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Carly Fiorina: Opponents Must ‘Prove to Me’ They Watched My Non-Existent Fetus Videos

Carly Fiorina has been challenged by the media after they debunked her claim that videos existed showing a fully formed fetus being harvested for parts by Planned Parenthood.

Now the Republican presidential candidate is firing back at the media, telling them to prove to her that the tapes don’t exist.

According to FactCheck.org and The Washington Post, the tapes do not exist and Fiorina’s claims are based on an anecdote told by an anti-abortion group.

“Do you acknowledge what every fact checker has found?” Fox News host Chris Wallace asked the candidate on Sunday. “As horrific as the scene is, it was only described on the video by someone who claimed to have seen it. There is no actual footage of the incident you just mentioned.”

“No, I don’t accept that at all,” Fiorina shot back. “I’ve seen the footage. And I find it amazing, actually, that all these supposed fact checkers in the mainstream media claim this doesn’t exist, they’re trying to attack the authenticity of the videotape, I haven’t found anyone in the mainstream media who has ever watched these things.”

“I mean, they will claim that somebody watched it for them,” she continued. “I will continue to dare anyone who wants to continue to defund Planned Parenthood, watch the videotapes.”

“And anyone who wants to challenge me first is going to have to prove to me that they watched it.”

Watch the Fox News Sunday footage below:

Photo credit: YouTube.

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