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SC Pastor: Kim Davis’ Persecution by ‘Militant Homosexuals’ Means the Antichrist Is Near

Following the Kim Davis debacle, the Christian right is out in fool force, blaming homosexuals for the collapse and eventual downfall of society.

Pastor Wendell Estep of the First Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina, has warned his followers that the end is near and that the anti-Christ has more than likely arrived.

He attacked modern American society for its “militant homosexuality.”

“Are you surprised at how quickly the homosexual movement has become militant?” he asked. “I mean, there is a clerk in Kentucky who has been jailed for not going along or not agreeing. There is a baker in Washington who has been fined. There are florists around the country who have been fined because they do no participate in same-sex marriage.”

Raw Story reports:

According to the pastor, the antichrist would establish an atheistic one-world government that was “anti-God.”

“We see some of this taking shape now even in our on country,” Estep warned. “We see that atheism is on the rise in our country.”

“The clerk in Kentucky, I go back to, but she was put in jail. Why was that?” he continued. “Because there is no place for natural law in a secular society. In other words, you can believe what you wish within the confines of the walls of the church, but you can’t take it outside the church.”

“Folks, as we come to the End of Time and as the antichrist comes and establishes his kingdom, don’t think that things are going to be favorable to Christianity and favorable to God,” Estep insisted.

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