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Mike Huckabee Says He Doesn’t Want “Stupid” People to Vote

Mike Huckabee likes to stir the political pot. His struggle to gain traction as a legitimate Republican candidate is directly tied to his right leaning Republican values.

Huckabee is in desperate need of votes, but he made it clear that he doesn’t want “stupid” people to vote.

“I know that most politicians say we want everyone to vote, I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t want everyone to vote,” Huckabee told the Jen and Don Show earlier this week.

“If they’re so stupid — that’s right, if they’re gonna vote for me they need to vote, if they’re not gonna vote for me they need to stay home. I mean, it’s that simple,” Huckabee continued, to the laughter of the radio hosts.

“But in the big picture, there are people who vote and they have no idea what our Constitution says,” he said. “They have no idea what the limitations of government are supposed to be. The fact that the 10th Amendment expresses it very clearly, that if it’s not expressly written in our federal charter called the Constitution those power stay to the states.”

“We have allowed over the last 230 years our government to become centralized, the anathema to what it was intended to be and now we have states who are serving the federal government rather than the federal government serving the interests of the states. We have reversed it.”

See the audio clip below:

Photo credit: Right Wing Watch.

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