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Trump on National Security: ‘I Don’t Want to Broadcast My Intentions’ Like Obama

Donald Trump appeared on the Hugh Hewitt Show on Monday. Previously, Trump and Hewitt had an altercation that saw Trump avoid the show for a lengthy period of time.

During the recent episode, Hewitt suggested that he had settled his dispute with Trump, which originally occurred over a set of foreign policy questions that upset Trump.

Hewitt asked Trump what he would do if Pakistan became aggressive and obtained nuclear weapons.

“You have to get India involved. India’s the check to Pakistan,” Trump said.

“I said [during the second GOP debate] we’re talking so much about Iran, and they don’t have nukes at this moment,” Trump continued. “You have a madman over in North Korea who actually has nukes and he says he’s going to use them.”

The Hill reports:

Pressed by Hewitt on if he would send American troops in to neutralize Pakistan’s nuclear capability should they go rogue, Trump said he didn’t want to reveal his military plans to a potential rival.

“People can’t know exactly what your intentions are,” Trump told Hewitt. “You want to have a certain amount of, you want to have a little bit of guess work for the enemy.”

“This has nothing to do with lack of knowledge, because I think I know as much about Pakistan as most other people,” Trump insisted. “But I will tell you, I don’t want to broadcast my intentions.”

“I want to be unpredictable with this,” he continued. “I don’t want to be like Obama, where he’s always saying you know, we’re going to do, in two weeks, we’re going to do this, and then we’re going to do that.”

“It makes perfect sense,” Hewitt concurred. “It’s Nixonian.”

Photo credit: Politico.

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