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Carson: ‘PC Culture’ at Fault For Outrage Over Muslim Comments

The current election cycle has propelled the racist tendencies of various Republican candidates into the spotlight. Donald Trump has openly demonstrated his hate towards Mexicans, calling them “rapist and criminals,” while Ben Carson made it clear that a Muslim should never be president.

Like Trump, Carson is refusing to apologize for his claims and continues to cement himself as a bigot. Looking for justification, he has blamed the political correctness of our society.

“If people listened to that interview, they’ll notice that I said that anybody, regardless of their religion or affiliation, if they embrace American values and they place the Constitution at the top level, then I’m supportive of them,” Carson told reporters Monday before a campaign stop in Ohio.

“The P.C. culture says whenever you’re asked a question, it has to be answered a certain way,” Carson said. “And if you don’t answer it that way, then, you know, let’s attack. And let’s not try to actually understand what a person’s saying — let’s just attack, attack, attack. And hopefully everybody else will look at that and they will realize they are never supposed to say something like that again.”

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