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Fiorina: I Feel Empathy for Hillary

Partisan politics aside, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina feels for her Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton and the struggles that women face in politics.

The original discussion took place in an interview Fiorina did with a People Magazine that will be released on Friday.

“I feel empathy with every woman who is working really hard and giving it all they’ve got — and Hillary is,” she said.

“We as women, especially in presidential politics, need to play by the same rules as the men. If we want to play this game as equals, we need to play by the same rules, and that means our track record is relevant,” she said.

“And so I never make a personal comment about Hillary Clinton — my criticism of her is fact-based, based on her actions and track record. And that is fair game.”

The Hill reports:

Fiorina has burst into the top echelon of the crowded Republican field in a handful of polls conducted after her widely-praised performance at last week’s CNN debate. One of her signature moments: a strong rebuke of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats over the controversial Planned Parenthood videos.

Critics have accused her of mischaracterizing the videos by claiming they show a live-birth abortion when that footage isn’t included in the released videos. But Fiorina has defended her comments as characteristic of what’s occurring in Planned Parenthood and echoed her calls for the organization to be defunded.

Fiorina now sits at sixth place in recent polling of the GOP presidential field, according to the RealClearPolitics average. A CNN/ORC poll released after the debate showed her in second, while another post-debate poll of Iowa Republicans found her third in the first nominating state.

Photo credit: The Nation.

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